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The Long Beach Free Press

Posted: September 17, 2012 in history, publications

The Long Beach Free Press…published at the same time as the L.A. Free Press.

Said Wikipedia, “The Long Beach Free Press was a radical underground newspaper published in Long Beach, California bi-weekly from vol. 1, no. 1 (March 28-April 11, 1969) to vol. 2, no. 11 (Dec. 1970), in a tabloid format. It was an offshoot of the San Diego Free Press and shared writers and staff with the San Diego paper. Jan Diepersloot was the Editorial Coordinator for both papers. Like its sister paper the San Diego Free Press it had a Marcusean/Frankfurt School orientation toward youth liberation, cultural transformation and revolution. It folded around the same time that the San Diego paper, which had by that time been renamed Street Journal, ended its run.”

Which explains the adverts for San Diego-area businesses, but does not explain why the mailing label was to “Dispensary, Long Beach Naval Station.”

Don’t know why or how I ended up with the copy, as I’d never been to the dispensary, never been confused with the dispensary and I never purloined anything from there, at least which I can recall.
front cover of Wild portraying Ike’s exit and JFK’s entry into the White House in early ’61 with threats of the day (just to fill in the blanks for anyone younger than 60 years).

A heavily satirical / political magazine, Wild, was published by Jim Dombrowski and friends at Long Beach State.  The address was shown as 58 Nieto.  Filled with articles about American adventures in Cuba, Laos and Korea, it was heavily critical of U.S. policy, but even-handed to the extent it also critiqued an advertiser, the Hat on Belmont Shore for presenting rote and boring jazz.

Good luck finding an original issue of Wild.

wonder if the Hat re-upped after the relaxed mauling its in-house jazz combo the Tophatters received (“producing a constant lull”) in the jazz review pages.