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front cover of Wild portraying Ike’s exit and JFK’s entry into the White House in early ’61 with threats of the day (just to fill in the blanks for anyone younger than 60 years).

A heavily satirical / political magazine, Wild, was published by Jim Dombrowski and friends at Long Beach State.  The address was shown as 58 Nieto.  Filled with articles about American adventures in Cuba, Laos and Korea, it was heavily critical of U.S. policy, but even-handed to the extent it also critiqued an advertiser, the Hat on Belmont Shore for presenting rote and boring jazz.

Good luck finding an original issue of Wild.

wonder if the Hat re-upped after the relaxed mauling its in-house jazz combo the Tophatters received (“producing a constant lull”) in the jazz review pages.


Above scene:  Industrial arts students are required to build a patio shelter to earn a grade.  Free labor for grades?  It’s now called “internship.”  (photo from the totally obscure 1953 Prospector).

In April 1950, the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce began to campaign voters to sign off on city funds being used to purchase of a site for the four-year Long Beach State College because California Public Works Board decided to accept Long Beach’s offer of the 320-acre site located east of Long Beach Naval Hospital.  Only problem:  it wasn’t the city’s land to give away.  They had to buy it first and that took money…approximately $1 million in uplands oil money to purchase the site for the state on condition that this action is approved by the voters at the June 6 election.

“The selection of Long Beach as the site for the four year state college is a welcome and wise decision,” said the CofC leader. “This college will constitute a tremendous cultural asset to Long Beach and also will strengthen the city’s economy.  And further, blah, blah, blah”

He pointed out that $10 million already has been appropriated for buildings and said it is anticipated that the state will spend $10 million in establishing the college.

buildings under construction

"in the welter of building activity, students found the dust, muck and debris a formidable obstacle to education."

State educational leaders had predicted that the school would accommodate 5000 students by 1956. Inasmuch as enrollment at the temporary college established in Long Beach has passed the 670 mark, it is expected that this peak will be reached sooner.

The school eventually will have a staff of 350, representing a payroll of $2 million annually. Expenditures by students coming to Long Beach from other areas also is expected to bolster the local economy…not to mention the slave labor as pictured above.  Just kidding about the slave part…meant to call it intern-supplied labor…uh, class credits.

original Park Estates site for Long Beach State College

Located at 5381 Anaheim Road in Park Estates, the Los Angeles-Orange County State College opened in 1949. That’s when the competition began for a permanent new college.  In the running as the site for the new state college were the cities of Long Beach and Fullerton.

Plans were unveiled for the state college which civic officials are seeking to have located here. The T-shaped site comprises 330 acres abutting the Navy Hospital on the north and west; Seventh St. on the south and Anaheim Rd. to the north

Parking for 650 cars is provided alongside each row of buildings.

There was to be an auditorium, a fine arts section, an area designated for future expansion, an administration building, at the end of the parkway is the library, a science section, a cafeteria,  a gymnasium, and an animal husbandry building.

Dormitories would be located along Anaheim St. The recreation area will include more than 200 acres and can be used for future building.

It all happened, except for the animal husbandry part.