Then They Tore It Down…the Story of Long Beach Municipal Auditorium Pt. 1

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Theaters

The fill for the auditorium and the Rainbow Pier was begun October 1928 and completed in December 1930.  Only then, could the $2.8 million Long Beach Municipal Auditorium, which was financed through a bond issue, be built.

It was completed in late 1931 and officially opened on March 6, 1932.  It was mainly a convention center for tournaments, dog shows, tennis matches, fashion shows, auto shows, rabbit shows and American Legion conventions.  The biggest crowds have been credited to Jehovah Witness meetings, which now are held in the newer convention center which replaced it.

In March 1947, famed show pianist Liberace supposedly made his stage debut a the Municipal Auditorium as a benefit for the White Shrine as is known as the “Liberace world tour inaugural” complete with 500 custom pressings of “Warsaw Concerto” and “The Fire Dance,” which were autographed and sold as souvenirs.

More on the Muni Auditorium.


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