Take the Long Beach Quiz

Posted: February 1, 2011 in history

skyline c. 1953

1. Who was the first white man to see the site of Long Beach?

2. To whom were the site and surrounding country first granted?

3. Who owned Los Alamitos Rancho?

4. What is the meaning of its name?

5. What rancho did John Temple own?

6 What does its name mean?

7. Who planned s town here in 1882?

8. What building is named for him?

9 When was the name, “Long Beach,” adopted?

10. What important event occurred here in 1921?

  1. Mike Anders says:

    1. Manuel Nieto
    2. Manuel Nieto
    3. Abel Stearns
    4. The Little Hills (I have seen it defined as “poplars” and “cottonwood,” but I doubt it)
    5. Rancho Los Cerritos
    6. Los Cerritos and Los Alamitos both mean “The Little Hills.”
    7. William Willmore
    8. Willmore Building, 315 West 3rd Street Long Beach, CA 90802
    9. 1897
    10. Oil was discovered!

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