Haps At Hody’s (1958)

Posted: January 31, 2011 in cruising

January 1958:

Two young carhops were arrested in a raid on the women’s apartment at 763 Belmont Ave.  Officers assert that Barbara W. Barber, 25, and Leslie Dee Kendall. 19, peddled marijuana at Hody’s at Pacific Const Hwy. and Anaheim St. They and a male visitor from 2200 block of Fanwood were booked in city jail for investigation of illegal possession of narcotics.   Importance of printing address was in case anyone was awaiting replenishment of his or her reefer supply.  In fact, I don’t recall reefer-dealing carhops at all.

November 1958:

Criminals known in the papers as yeggs (safecrackers) struck at Hody’s Drive-In, 5150 E. Pacific Coast Hwy (note: 5150 is police code for crazy).  Two porters told police three gunmen bound them and at’ tempted to crack two safes this morning.  Both employees, Leon Stave, L.A. and Willie James Kemp, 27 of 1027, Myrtle Ave., reported they were bound with wires and left behind the bar. After the gunmen left, the porters managed to free themselves and summoned police. The attempts to crack the safes were unsuccessful.  I had no idea Hody’s had a safe, but then again, would I have cared?  Apart from cash, wonder what was kept in there?


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