First State Of Long Beach State College (1950) Or How Fullerton Almost Got the Job

Posted: January 21, 2011 in colleges

original Park Estates site for Long Beach State College

Located at 5381 Anaheim Road in Park Estates, the Los Angeles-Orange County State College opened in 1949. That’s when the competition began for a permanent new college.  In the running as the site for the new state college were the cities of Long Beach and Fullerton.

Plans were unveiled for the state college which civic officials are seeking to have located here. The T-shaped site comprises 330 acres abutting the Navy Hospital on the north and west; Seventh St. on the south and Anaheim Rd. to the north

Parking for 650 cars is provided alongside each row of buildings.

There was to be an auditorium, a fine arts section, an area designated for future expansion, an administration building, at the end of the parkway is the library, a science section, a cafeteria,  a gymnasium, and an animal husbandry building.

Dormitories would be located along Anaheim St. The recreation area will include more than 200 acres and can be used for future building.

It all happened, except for the animal husbandry part.



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