Next There’ll Be Police Cars (January 1950)

Posted: January 12, 2011 in police

Brass: Capt. Walter B. Culberson (uniform, tho he doesn't wear one); Loren Q. Martin (dicks); Chief Wm. H. Dovey (winner of J. Edgar Hoover look-a-like contest) and Capt. Otto Faulkner (personnel, U-Boat patrol and gratis bus pass supervisor).

Well, I exaggerate.  But in early January 1950, the Long Beach Police Dept. announced that police officers “no longer may use their badges as passes for a free ride on City Lines busses” and that all 1949 passes be turned in.

The department has 50 bus passes this year, police personnel officer Capt Otto Faulkner said. Most of them will be used by school crossing guards and a dozen will bs kept in Faulkner’s office for use as needed. Last year 250 passes were issued to police by the Bureau of Franchises.

The fire department passes are used primarily by members of the Fire Prevention Bureau, while the post office passes are used for employees traveling between post office stations


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