Long Beach in 1900 (and now)

Posted: January 6, 2011 in history


In 1900, Long Beach was described as a hamlet.  The boundaries on the west  were the entrance channel to the inner harbor, on the east by Alamitos Ave. which went diagonally (and still does) to the north end at the County Road – now called Anaheim St.

There was one policeman.  He was a man.  He took the bus.

On May 21, 1900, Long Beach voted dry after 10 wet years, even though there was plenty of water.


A hamlet no more, Long Beach still has water…even though there are special lawn watering days and driveway car washing…don’t even think about it.  But there are currently plenty of bars in which to drown these dirty car sorrows.  And Long Beach now includes the harbor and goes east to Orange County and north to well past the 91 Freeway.  Back then, what’s a freeway?  First, all roads had to be paved.

  1. Bob King says:

    Hamlet, schamlet ……a great town, no kidding.

    The “hamlet” part was when hundreds of Iowans poured into Bixby Park/Cherry Park for the annual Iowa Picnic. Heard there were more Iowans at the picnic than in Ames, Iowa!

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