Bernie Reusch; NuPike Cop (Nov. 25, 1958)

Posted: January 4, 2011 in NuPike

On November 25, the local press reported the NuPike’s one-man police force since the 1920s, Bernie Charles Reusch, 75, died Monday.

Bernie’s favorite expression was “the Pike’s a quiet place,” but during his 30-year career, he had several brushes with death.

Once he corralled a gunman who had shot and killed his wife and another man in a waterfront cafe.  He was also waylaid in the Pike engine house and beaten on the head with a wrench by a man who claimed he had been paid $1,000 to kill him. He had also disarmed scores of bandits and thugs over the years.  He was hospitalized at Harbor Hospital in October.

  1. Bob King says:

    There’ve got to be many, many good “Pike” stories out there …..I know I’ve got a few.

    You first.

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